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Trumpet Guest Artist – Robert Dorer

On Thursday, October 25th, Robert Dorer, who holds the position of 2nd trumpet with the Minnesota Orchestra, came to the University of Iowa School of Music to give a guest artist trumpet master class.  Four students played for Dorer in the master class, each receiving about twenty minutes of individual coaching.  In addition, Dorer taught several one hour private lessons.  Throughout the master class, Dorer focused on maximizing the intake of air to play the trumpet.  He talked about “creating a suction at the lips” and saying “Oh” as you bring air in.  Other creative ideas include breaking down difficult passages into two note phrases with a rest/breath in between.  These two notes are played in the performance tempo, with the correct articulation, and style.  When comfortable with the two note phrases, add two two note phrases together.  Then combine two of these four note phrases together and so on.  It’s a way to play technical passages in tempo, in style, perfectly, the first time.
He was also adamant about the idea that how we feel has nothing to do with the music.  We must be able to play at a high level under many varying circumstances.  Always go for the sound; shout it out loud in your head!

Euphonium Guest Artist – Dr. Neal Corwell

Dr. Neal Corwell works with Iowa euphonium student Will Emrich

Euphonium soloist Dr. Neal Corwell visited the University of Iowa as part of OcTubaFest 2012 on October 31. He presented an incredibly virtuosic recital filled with many of his own compositions. Following the recital, he worked with several University of Iowa tuba and euphonium students. Thanks to Dr. Corwell for visiting, playing, and teaching!

Trombone Guest Artist – James Miller

On September 17, 2012 the University of Iowa hosted Iowa native James Miller, Associate Principal Trombone of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Mr. Miller played several pieces, including one of J.S. Bach’s Cello Suites and an Improvisation. Following his performance, Mr. Miller coached several University of Iowa trombone students on solo pieces and orchestra excerpts. James Miller’s visit was motivational and inspiring. Thanks for visiting!

Trombone Guest Artist – Dr. Jonathan Whitaker

Dr. Jonathan Whitaker, Assistant Trombone Professor at the University of Alabama, presented a masterclass during Trombone Seminar on October 11, 2012. Dr. Whitaker performed three of Jean Michel Defaye’s pieces in the styles of Debussy, Stravinky, and Vivaldi. Following his performance, Dr. Whitaker coached two of the members of the trombone studio. In addition to the masterclass, Dr. Whitaker taught several private lessons to members of the studio. We all learned a lot and got some great ideas for the future. Thanks for visiting the University of Iowa!